Israel Gasperin Haaz

Israel Gasperin Haaz is a Neuro-entrepreneur, founder of Zentrela Inc. and inventor of the Cognalyzer™, the first true objective test for cannabis impairment.

As Canada prepared for the legalization of recreational cannabis in early 2016, Israel identified a lack of a reliable and objective tool to detect and measure cannabis impairment, with concerns around false accusations caused by the limitations of saliva, urine and blood tests for THC. This led to Zentrela focusing its efforts on developing an accurate way to measure cannabis impairment using brain science.

The result of 3+ years of R&D is a patent-pending brainwave test, named the Cognalyzer™, that detects THC’s psychoactive effects on the brain.The Cognalyzer™ will be used as a complimentary test for THC that will help to avoid false accusations of impairment due to THC residual detection in saliva, urine, blood or breath. Today cannabis-related companies and researchers will start using it to label cannabis dosage that allows users of cannabis to consume it in a responsible way while achieving the optimal effects.